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Thinking about starting a business? Have an idea to explore – or ready to launch? The MEC Resource Centre is here to support you


For a successful business, you need a viable business idea, the skills to make it work and the funding. Discover whether your idea has what it takes.

Forming your business correctly is essential to ensure you are protected and you comply with the rules. Learn how to set up your business.

Advice on protecting your wellbeing, self-confidence and mental health from the pressures of starting and running a business.

Learn why business planning is an essential exercise if your business is to start and grow successfully, attract funding or target new markets.

It is likely you will need funding to start your business unless you have your own money. Discover some of the main sources of start up funding.

Businesses and individuals must account for and pay various taxes. Understand your tax obligations and how to file, account and pay any taxes you owe.

Businesses are required to comply with a wide range of business laws. We introduce the main rules and regulations you must comply with.

Marketing matters. It drives sales and helps promote your brand and products. Discover how to market your business and reach your target customers.

Some businesses need a high street location whilst others can be run from home. Understand the key factors from cost to location, size to security.

Your employees can your biggest asset. They can also be your biggest challenge. We explain how to recruitment and manage staff successfully.

It is likely your business could not function without some form of IT. Learn how to specify, buy, maintain and secure your business IT.

Few businesses manage the leap from start up to high-growth business. Learn what it takes to scale up and take your business to the next level.

A social enterprise is a business that trades to tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment.  A social enterprise is a business, not a charity, that makes money and profit. 

Start up business ideas

For a successful business, you need a viable business idea, the skills to make it work and the funding. Discover whether your idea has what it takes.

Resource topics

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If you make deliveries, your service must be reliable: it can differentiate you from competitors. How can you make your delivery service superior?
How to design your products and services for sustainability - from development through to production and delivery to end of life and disposal.
Bristol-based Kabuto Foods aims to take instant noodles to a whole new level. But what what inspired Crispin Busk to launch the business?
Quality assurance is paramount in the development of new products. It helps build brand reputation, customer loyalty and minimises the risk of launching new products.
Creating a marketing plan can be challenging. Here Sara Drawwater explains how she developed a plan that worked for her design business.
Launched in early 2010, following 18 months of R&D, SnoozeShade™ is a blackout blind for pushchairs designed to help babies sleep during the day.
Simon Pitkeathley, chief executive of regeneration agency Camden Town Unlimited, explains how to set up a pop-up business
Starting a business can be exhilarating, but it has its downsides and risks. How to appraise whether you have what it takes to run a business.
Oliver Bell, who co-founded Oliver's Travels with best mate Ravi, shares the perils and pitfalls of starting and running a business with a friend.
Wondering if you can start a business? Sarah Giblin, founder of RiutBags, answers common start up questions from would-be entrepreneurs.
Fiona Graham of Family Business UK explains why it can pay to keep it in the family when starting and running a business.
Combining the demands of running a business with the responsibility of bringing up children is a demanding task, yet more mums are doing it.
Some people prefer to retain full ownership of a business and call all the shots, but having a partner can provide a way to share responsibility.
This guide covers the key issues for starting and running your own aerial installing business.
All taxis and taxi drivers must be licensed. Find out how to set up a taxi firm, what competition you might face, what other taxi services you can offer and how to get a licence for you and your taxi.
If you want to offer removals services you'll need to decide who your customers will be - domestic households or commercial organisations.
Looking for flexible and varied driving work? Running a minicab business might fit the bill.
Make people's weddings and special occasions complete by offering luxury vehicle hire.
Private coach firms may offer local bus services to fare-paying passengers, possibly on routes subsidised by the local authority, or they may take on private hire work.
Wholesalers act as middlemen between manufacturers and businesses like shops and hairdressers.